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Orthokeratology or Gentle Vision Shaping System

Parent’s Perspective

Parents tell me, ” I hope my child won’t become nearsighted”. They will relate stories of nearsightedness when growing up. It was hard to see at school, had no confidence in playing sports since it is hard to see the ball without glasses. Sometimes, their own parents didn’t allow wearing of contact lenses or contact lenses didn’t work. Often, they remember contact lenses as too much trouble. Parents will say to me, “I don’t want my child to go through that!”

What Parents Hope for Their Child’s Vision

I hope my child isn’t nearsighted. I want my child to have healthy vision. I want my child to be successful in sport and in school.

What Parents Worry About for Their Child’s Vision

I worry tha​t my child’s vision will become worse as he or she grows up. I worry that my child won’t see or perform the best at school. I worry that my child will need surgery to correct the vision.

What Parents Want to Know About Their Child’s vision

Will my child’s eyes become worse? Is there anything we can do to help my child’s vision? What if I make the wrong choices for my child’s vision?

Dr. Peggy Hart specializes in Orthokeratology also known as Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVSS). Parents can expect results that are astonishing! Your child can go to sleep at night nearsighted and wake up with clear vision.

Ten-year-old Olivia came into the office because she failed her school screening. Her dad is pretty nearsighted, so mom and dad were concerned that she too has a vision problem. Olivia could only see the top line of letters on the chart when she read the eye chart. Dr. Hart talked about the options for correcting Olivia’s eyesight. Glasses and contact lenses will help Olivia focus clearly and see the bottom line on the eye chart. However, there is a much better technology to correct and to stop myopia from worsening. Orthokeratology also known as Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVSS) was discussed as the best option because of Olivia’s age, her nearsightedness and her sport activities. After showing Olivia how she could use special contact lenses or retainers at night, she can see clearly all day. She doesn’t have to worry about glasses or contact lenses at school or during sports and she can see 20/20 all day! Olivia and her parents are ecstatic! Her vision correction without glasses measures amazingly perfect!

Your child can have the same great vision as Olivia. We can help prevent a worsening of your child’s vision with OrthoK (GVSS). For more info on the three easy steps to take next for having great vision for your child, please contact us to have your free information packet emailed to you, today!

We can send your information packet about Orthokeratology (GVSS) for your child, today!

What Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) Can Do for Kids

Freedom From Glasses
Just think, no need for eyeglasses all day everyday. Your child can wake up, place the Ortho-K lens molds into their case and start their day ready to take on school, sports, after school activities and family time with ease. Lost glasses, broken glasses, scratched lenses are a thing of the past!

With the wearing of Ortho-K lens molds during the night without any extra effort from your child, he or she can experience something positive. For the first time, your child can finally do something to help improve the eyes. With each wearing every night, the child finds that everyday at school is easier and more comfortable. A feeling of confidence is built when the child finds that he or she is able to see just like everyone else without glasses.

Strong Eyes
With the Gentle Vision System Shaping (GVSS) which is the ortho K system we use in the office, the design of the lens molds gently and steadily shapes the front surface of the eye to bring the light into a natural place for the eye to focus. Now, each time your child comes in for vision checkups, the eyes stay strong. The progression of the nearsightedness is stopped. Your child won’t have to put up with blurry vision from frequent changes in the eyeglass prescription. Strong eyes are healthy eyes!

Improved Self Esteem
When your child looks in the mirror each morning after removing the Ortho-K lens molds, he or she can now see the face clearly. And that face has nothing getting in the way. No more glasses to adjust and clean, trying to get comfortable. In the hot, humid summers, when you don’t wear glasses, you have no lenses to fog up. Sweating isn’t increased by the enclosure of glasses on the face. Your child can smile and go on with the day knowing that she did a great job taking care of her vision.

Sports Participation
When a child has no vision impairment requiring eyeglasses, an interest in sports can be fully developed. Eye and hand coordination develops more naturally. Children without glasses are chosen more readily for positions on the team. Dancers who have rehearsals and performances can participate without having to remember to take off the glasses. They can see the instructor easily and view the audience without squinting. Concentration is improved when the brain sees a clear picture. Music is read easily when the child has clear vision and then can work on the skills needed for learning to play the musical instrument. Even mild amounts of nearsightedness left uncorrected can make musical notation hard to decipher.

Clear crisp vision makes sports, music and the arts a joy to participate! Call (281) 496-1635 or email us for a complimentary consultation for your child. We look forward to sharing our passion with you and your family for healthy eyes and the clearest, sharpest vision for your child.

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